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Ceramic leaf coasters

Here are some coasters I made doing impressions of leaves. This is just one more thing I am experimenting with in the ceramic world. I am unsure of all the different types of trees and plants I gathered from, but I do know there is cedar, maple, fern, oak, rose, raspberry, birch, and dogwood. These are available for sale, or I can custom make you a coaster if the leaves are available.

Leaf coasters

Expanding into ceramics

While I love capturing handprints and footprints in clay, I have been experimenting with other things to do with clay and ceramics. Funny thing is… it seems to still be making impressions, both physically in clay, and on people’s minds!

This first piece I want to show you is made from taking an impression of doilies and turning them into plates. It is a good way to capture doilies created by a grandmother. These are available for sale, or I can custom make you a plate.

Jade plates with lace impressions



This last summer, Pottery Barn Kids in Washington Square Mall¬†asked me if I wanted to be a pop-up vendor at their store. They liked to bring in small mom businesses like mine the third Saturday every month. We arranged that I would come be a pop-up vendor in November. They also asked me to give a donation to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, of which I gave 10% of my sales as a thank you.

This is the first post of a few talking about the impressions I made that day. A mother and her sister came in with little Finn, which is admittedly a name I adore. His aunt thought this would be a wonderful present for his grandparents, and convinced his mother to do two sets. I added some little blue stars to it.

Which one of these is your favorite?

Fingerprint Heart Pendants

My mother is allergic to metal jewelry, so I made these little fingerprint hearts on heart and circle shaped pendants for her. They do not contain any metal, so they are wonderful jewelry for her. Each one is on an adjustable cord, so they can be worn long or short while easy to slip over your head. I think these would also work very well as a key chain.

Necklace fingerprints