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Bald Eagle Day

Kan-do Handprints & Ceramics is going to be capturing ceramic impressions at Bald Eagle Day 2018 in Cathlamet, WA on July 21 from after the parade until about 4pm. My booth will be down at the Wahkiakum Historical Society Museum. The Museum will also have root beer floats and train rides for children. Below is the ad that you can find in today’s The Wahkiakum County Eagle and again in next week’s publication. You can RSPV here. Hope to see you there!

Bald Eagle ad

Preparing for Farmers Market

I am pretty excited to join opening day of the Salmon Creek Farmers Market held at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital on June 12, 2018 from 11am-3pm. I have been busy creating a display and having supplies to create handprints and other clay projects. I plan to have examples of my work, do some demonstrations of clay projects, and have a free for a $20 gift certificate towards any Kan-do Handprints & Ceramics product. Come check it out and say hello!

Red baby handprint ornament

Experimenting with Paw Print Impressions

I have seen ceramic impressions done for pets. My own mother-in-law has a few for her dogs, but they were always taken by a vet after the dog had passed away, and they were boring looking. They kind of looked like just cement with no color. I have also heard of other ceramic handprint impression artists capturing paw prints of living animals, and I thought, “I should be offering this, too.” After all, my maid of honor in my wedding got her dog’s paw print tattooed on the back of her neck, and her dog lived for several more years.

However, working with pets has been a bit more challenging than working with babies and children. My own cat hates being caught, but luckily forgives me quickly after doing her paw prints. My mother’s dog is worse to work with. They struggle to clip her nails, and I think this translates to near impossible to take her paw prints. So, I have unfortunately had to make the recommendation that if you pet does not like their nails trimmed, then having their paw print captured is probably not something that should be done. I don’t want to stress out or hurt the animal trying to do a ceramic paw print, nor do I want to be bitten by an animal who is desperate to have me stop messing with their feet.

That said, I have actually experimented a bit with the ceramic paw prints. I was posting one day to a Facebook group about my business, and somebody said to me, “You should make cat bowls.” What a wonderful idea! I am still playing around with methods to capture the paw print and then turn it into a bowl without destroying the print, but I feel I have a good start.

Fingerprint Impressions

I have been playing around with cookie cutters and clay impressions, and I have found that I have a small circle and a small heart about 2 1/2″ each that are perfect for capturing little fingerprint impressions. From there, you could add a hole to make it a pendant, add a jewelry pin back to make it a small lapel button, or add a magnet to make it a refrigerator magnet. I also think that these make excellent Father’s Day gifts as a key chain!


Happy Mother’s Day

I became a mother in the summer of 2014. Come my first Mother’s Day, my husband was looking around at what to get me. I’m not big on jewelry, and flowers and chocolate are so temporary. Something like a spa day wasn’t going to happen because I was still needed to take care of the kids, or, worse yet, clean and cook with my husband for company coming over. Then, somebody suggested to me a journal in that every year, my husband would make the kids leave their handprints. This was perfect for me, as what it turns out I really wanted was my child’s art as a memento, and as a book, I get to see how much my children grow from year to year.

Now I am making ceramic handprints and I am loving it! And while I still cherish my book, I have to admit that the ceramic handprints are better than what my husband manages in my book (he uses too much paint and loses the detail of the handprint or footprint). This year, it was also an easy thing to create to give all of the grandmothers we have still. I am certain they will enjoy it!