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Gear Mugs

I took a little break after Christmas, but I’m getting back into the swing of things and making more mugs. I have a new roller to make gears in clay. The one on the left is a simple black and white. On the the right, I did it in orange and ended up with this unique fire looking piece. Perhaps working in Hell? My husband thinks I should call it “Tuesday.”

Both of these mugs are for sale.


Dragon Scale Mugs

Hi there! Just wanted to show you some new mugs I have been working on. They are all using some texture to give the idea of dragon scales.


This larger mug has straight sides and the color is called “Tidal Pool.” I am very happy that it already sold!

trio of dragon scale mugs

These three mugs are smaller than above and have a flared lip style. From left to right, their colors are Tidal Pool, Galaxy, and Twilight. I’m going to be adding some different sizes, shapes, and colors to this line up. Let me know you are interested in one, and I will build you one!